Upcoming Events and Classes

Meta Ads Done Right

Coming September 2024.

If you’ve struggled to run profitable Facebook and Instagram ads, been afraid to start, or have had some ad failures, this is the class for you.

This 12-week class may be offered both in-person (in the Nanaimo area) as well as virtually. In six sessions, we’ll break out the basics of Facebook and Instagram, aka Meta paid ads. You’ll learn what you need to get ready to run great ads, and the must-haves of great ads that perform well.

Then, we’ll create an ad in class, run it, and do an analysis to improve. Class materials include your weekly handouts that give you a checklist of prep items, how to manage individual fields to set up your ads, and video walkthroughs to give more context.

Perfect for those who either want to manage their own ads, or be able to manage the people who do. Prerequisites are basic computer confidence, and some other business basics. More information to be released late spring, 2024.

ecommerce Business Jumpstart

Coming Early 2025

If you are just starting a business that will rely on your website for sales, or if your existing business needs to get all of its’ technical ducks in a row, this is the class for you.

This 3-week virtual class will encompass several technical business basics to help launch or improve any ecommerce or virtual business, including;

  • Visioning products that will sell
  • A checklist of marketing prep basics
  • How to use a variety of tools to perform market research
  • How to do basic online paid advertising
  • A checklist of often-forgotten or overlooked marketing tricks and tips.

Prerequisites are basic computer confidence, and some knowledge of business basics such as product costs and sales, knowing your product, an idea of your target market or ideal client, and so on. More information to be released late summer, 2024.

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