Ready for the semi-retired lifestyle?

Free yourself to teach, And Spend More time on the beach!

Is teaching part of your lifestyle plan, but you’re struggling to get your business setup properly? Sick of chasing students for payments, emailing waivers, forms, and class materials, organizing video logins, and providing tech support to students?

We have the solution for you – total control over your business!

Instead, imagine streamlined registration setups, easily scaled for more classes and more students, clear and simple reporting, and REAL PEOPLE that can make your dream training business a reality!

Suitable for all types of training offerings

No matter what you teach, we can help you reach more learners.

Whether you teach one person or one thousand, indoors or out, online or in the real world, our registration systems are completely customizable from top to bottom, while remaining cost-effective. YOU have CONTROL over your business!

We manage your training platform for you to maximize your income

A Worry-Free, Turnkey Solution

  • All-in-one website, learning portal, and registration system: ZERO confusion for learners!
  • Landing pages for each class or program, or combination of anything else you can imagine!
  • Easily connect to your existing email list, Google Ads, Meta ads, or other marketing systems!
  • Sophisticated advertising, reporting, and other back-end systems to make business management easy!
  • A secure web-based platform that takes privacy seriously for you and your learners.
  • A COMPLETE done-for-you system managed by REAL people with decades of experience and knowlegde, who are only a phone call away!
Why rent when you can own?

Stand out from others in your niche

Popular training platforms like Udemy, Thinkiffic, Teachable, and others offer your materials right alongside your competitors – and, they own your customer data. Keep YOUR branding throughout, with our solution built on YOUR own domain name. You control every aspect of the client experience, all while remaining scalable.

Your job is to train.

Ours is to handle the technical part of your learning business.

Whether you offer webinars, virtual programs, in-person training, long-term programs or one-off workshops, our job is to free you to work ON your business, not IN your business.

Everything is included

Dedicated class description pages, follow-up emails, shopping cart management, reporting, and student logins to their virtual classes all works on the same platform.

Seasonal Updates

Whether you operate on a semester system, seasonally, quarterly, or any other schedule, your changes and updates are included in our service plans.

One predictable Monthly Price

Your price does not go up no matter how many students you have. Scale your business without worry about increased overhead.

remain Platform-agnostic

Open up your institution to Guest Instructors, additional materials, other types of learning content, and more. No matter what you teach or how you teach it, this platform is engineered to grow with you.

Not just great training – great business tools for growth

A smooth and barrier-free environment for the front end of your business, as well as the management side.

In-Depth custom sales reporting.

Included in your monthly payment. Custom sales reports can include so much more than numbers. Gain detailed information about your students and website visitors that fuel future growth.

Easy remarketing and visitor recapture

Abandoned carts, visitors who ask questions, and email follow up are all opportunities to re-engage learners and encourage follow-through.

Make your social media and paid advertising work harder.

By using server-side tools, the invisble bonds between your website visitors, your social posts, and your paid ads on Meta and Google Ads, all work harder to engage website visitors with sophisticated targeting.

Student management that YOU control.

Enable delegates and Instructors with the tools they need to give students a premium learning experience: one that they will talk about for years.

How do I create my online course materials?

A guided process to create your course content

If you are already teaching, it’s very likely you already have everything you need to launch a virtual class. And even if you don’t, most creators are surprised at how simple it can be to prepare high-quality content. Our coaching can help you create “selfie” and screen-capture video, audio, handouts, prose content, and excellent handouts. Even if you are starting from scratch, you could have your content ready in mere days.

  • Handouts and PDF’s
  • Quizzes and tests
  • Paragraph content
  • Video and audio content
FOr virtual and real-world trainers

Not all training is best conducted in a virtual environment

Real-world training or event registration can be overcomplicated and overpriced. Our in-house proprietary solution allows for controlled costs no matter the scale, efficient use of marketing resources, open-source data ports that talk to virtually any external system, and best of all, excellent reporting.

A truly professional system that remains flexible and open, yet totally customizable for virtually any application and situation.

No matter how you want to teach, we have a system for that

Whether synchronous or asynchronous, totally automated, or a hybrid, we have a tested and proven system that can be fully customized and branded for your business.

Which of the following describes you? Click or tap on each section to expand and get more information.

A clean and easy interface for new students is the key to filling your classes. You’ve done all the work to get a person to land on your website – now you want to them to register without hesitation. Use as much or as little automation as you want, for things like hand-placing students into working groups, staggering registration, and more. This is possible while still having all the benefits of a “hands-off” registration system, with detailed sales and marketing reporting.

Finally break the barrier to get your classes online, whether you have ten students, or tens of thousands. Systems can be continuous intake, fully automated, and streamed on-demand. Fully scalable.

Teach live classes via video, and learners attend via your branded website. Great for high-engagement training and group activities. Excellent for certification programs, and for sensitive information that requires Instructor assessment of in-class performance.

Certification, testing, and blended learning environments that include video, written exams, and so much more is possible. Our modular approach can ensure prerequisites are met before students are allowed to register, that only pre-approved students can register for programs, that classes are available with certain combinations, and under certain conditions. You can even restrict class registrations only to those who are granted Membership status for your professional association.

No problem. Multiple Instructors can have access to the same platform, but only YOU have access to the modules that manage your business.

This is extremely common. A wide range of choices are available, from a simple date selector and payment processing, to full follow-up emails, directions to your location, sending pre-questionnaires and waivers automatically, all geared to enhance your professional image. Students arrive prepared and ready to learn, and avoid negative experiences that lead to poor reviews and drop-off.

Affordable and achievable

Build a completely virtual educational business

Payment plans are available for many clients. By using virtual teaching or rental space, the training organization of your dreams is within reach.

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