Ongoing Monthly Domain Monitoring



Your card will be automatically billed $24 (CAD) + 5% gst each month.

This product must be purchased in conjunction with One-Time Domain Protection Setup.

Ongoing monthly Monitoring with One-Time setup Includes:

  • Expert-level Inspection of your DNS
  • Immediate implementation of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC policies, customized to YOUR domain
  • Setup of reporting to monitor for phishing or other misuse of your domain
  • Analysis of whether BIMI is recommended for your domain (not all domains require/qualify for this)

How long does setup take? When will I start to be protected?

Setup time varies, depending on load, but we guarantee 3 business days’ response time. If your implementation is delayed for any reason, you will be immediately notified by email. Depending on your needs, different levels of protection might be applied in stages, to ensure that “good” email still gets through. Within 2 – 6 weeks you should see these smooth out, and everything working as it should. False emails labelled with your name should cease immediately.

What Are my next steps once this is complete?

We recommend monitoring incoming email closely for several days following this setup. Some email interruption may happen as “good” email is accidentally flagged by the system. Please report all of these to our systems analysis team by emailing reports and requests to the contact indicated in your follow-up emails, or using our Slack client channel. (Set up for you at the time of your purchase.)

How long does protection last?

While the placement of these policies starts protection immediately, our monthly service includes reputation monitoring, blacklist monitoring, and monthly reporting. Monitoring of reports and occasional updates are essential to maintain protection.

Need this done on more than one domain? No problem – please complete a separate transaction for each website, so that we can accurately collect the data we need to do a complete analysis.



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