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Master Meta Ads For Your Business.

Ads on Facebook or Instagram seem expensive or difficult? Not anymore! In just six weeks, we’ll teach you what you need to know to save thousands on your ads, whether you want to run them yourself, or hire someone to do it for you.

A 6-week mastermind focused on Meta Ads and how to run them profitably.

Next Class Date:

Starts September 12th, 2024.

Limited to 12 seats. Held in person for 6 consecutive Thursdays, in Nanaimo, BC.

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Using digital ads is no longer optional: it’s mandatory.

New to digital ads, and not sure where to begin?

Are you tired of spending money and time on traditional advertising, with few new customers and unclear results?

Using digital ads is no longer optional: it’s mandatory.

New to digital ads, and not sure where to begin?

Are you tired of spending money and time on traditional advertising, with few new customers and unclear results?

So, what’s an ads mastermind?

And, what will it do for my business?

If you’ve boosted some posts, or performed some one-off ads on Instagram or Facebook, you’re not even coming close to what Meta ads can do for you. This layered approach ensures you’re building a solid foundation for successful ads, using incredibly powerful tools to target ads only to those who are most likely to do business with your company. Learn how to attract the right attention, nurture potential clients, and stay visible to them over and over again.

This Mastermind approach isn’t just about revolutionizing your advertising. It’s also about the peer networking that takes place when you learn side-by-side with other local business people. Build your network of support while you build your business.

Profit from the world’s most popular social platform.

Six sessions to build your ads platform the right way

Session 1: Getting Ready For Digital Advertising

Let’s lay a solid foundation.

Participants will be led through a self-assessment of their websites, their current social media presence, and their product or service readiness. Recommendations and suggestions will be made by the facilitator and the other participants. Each takes away a checklist of action items and steps that will help to launch them for success.

Session 2: Set Up Meta Business Manager

Ensure that the right settings are in place.

Meta (aka Facebook and Instagram) has a comprehensive suite of tools which allow for ad targeting, tracking, budgeting, and much more. These make ads much more effective, and can save a tremendous amount of money and time. Participants take away a checklist to complete with their staff or on their own.

Session 3: Elements of Great Ads

Learn the basics and create your first ad.

Every business has different sweet spots for the right budget, audience, graphic elements, ad types, copywriting, and tracking. We’ll present a recipe that will start you off on the right foot, with room for future adjustment.

Session 4: Gauge Your Success

Figure out what worked, and what didn’t.

Meta has an excellent platform that allows for analysis of ad campaigns, allowing for easy adjustment and simple split-testing. Learn to try ad variations that tell you more about your audience and product viability.

Session 5: Special Audiences

Fine-tune your targeting and re-targeting.

Learn how to find your most-likely-to-purchase clients, and avoid wasting ad spend on those who likely won’t. Learn to create audiences to retarget different ad types, and increase trust with those who are likely to convert.

Session 6: Using Different Ad Types

Explore lead-gens, funnels, and more.

Almost every business runs more than one type of ad, and this session will explore ways to use lead forms, how to populate your funnel, how to drive traffic to your email lists, and how to turn that data around into even more customers.

This series is right for you if…

  • You have tried boosting posts or running the occasional ad before, and felt that… “They just didn’t work for my business.” But you can’t understand exactly why.
  • You are not yet running digital ads, but you know you need to.
  • You already have an established product, or one that is ready to sell today.
  • You are already allocating a monthly ads budget, but you need to reduce your cost per new customer or sale.
  • You already have a website (the platform doesn’t matter as much) and the ability to create new pages on that website.
  • You have the time to work on weekly questions, research, and checklists. OR, you have a delegate who will perform certain technical or marketing tasks for you.
  • You have the budget and time to do the preparatory work before you run a successful ad; to potentially make changes to your website, your social media profiles, and possibly your product or service packaging, targeting, and other marketing tasks.
  • You are kinda techy, or have a techy delegate or friend who can help you with some of the technical aspects of running your own ads, until you get things into a routine.
  • You don’t want to run your own ads, but you want to know how to ask the right questions of the people that do them for you.
  • You have a mandate to reduce your overall advertising cost.
  • You need more accurate reporting on what your ads spend is getting you.
  • You have a short sales cycle that leads to larger purchases and longer sales cycles for other products and services in your business.
  • You are the person in charge of your company’s current social media, including your Facebook page(s), Instagram profiles, and other social platforms. (If not, don’t worry, we help you figure out how to get the right access in the first class.)

Claim your seat now!

Meta Ads Done Right Mastermind, Sponsored By BDC

$1800.00 CAD plus GST

Price is per seat in class. No attendee substitutions permitted. The same person must attend all sessions of this class.

Held in Nanaimo, starting the week of September 9, 2024. Time and day of the week to be confirmed, based on feedback from early Registrants.

Our venue is the Business Development Bank of Canada boardroom at the Nanaimo location, at Aulds and Metral. (Near Staples and Home Depot.)

Your seat includes;

  • 6 sessions, held once a week, 2 hours each
  • Total 12 hours of in-class time
  • Additional 1 hour per week of 1-on-1 time included per participant, conducted via video call at the request of the participant
  • Total of 6 hours of video 1-on-1 time
  • A workbook (binder) with additional worksheets, checklists, and handouts each week
  • Digital copy of binder contents is available
  • Access to a private Slack chat group with other business in the cohort, to use for messaging and communication inside and outside the classroom
  • Direct access to Instructor via the same tool, with video meeting tools built in to the platform
  • Slack chat access is extended to 3 months, twice the length of the program (May be extended further if participants request it.)
  • Complimentary software bundle including trial licenses of various tools to help you with your ads creation and management

Each seat is $1800. Reach out to ask about our no-interest payment plan.

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Not sure if this experience is right for your business?

(Or, not ready to run your own ads?)

We have you covered! Book a free discovery call with an ads expert today! We can also manage custom campaigns for your business, that keep you on-target and inside a comfortable budget.

We are grateful for the generous support and sponsorship of the Business Development Bank of Canada, Nanaimo, BC branch.